The video every Walmart supplier, employee and competitor needs to see

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., president and CEO Mike Duke appeared earlier this week at a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations where he shed light on a range of topics that weren’t fully captured by headlines and soundbites from the event.

Duke was a participant in the organization’s CEO speaker series where for an hour he was politely grilled by Bloomberg president and CEO Dan Doctoroff and took questions on a broad range of topics.

It is always worth listening and watching when the CEO of the world’s largest company speaks, and that is especially true in this case as Duke’s presentation took place against the backdrop of renewed controversy around the company’s business practices and the inability of political leaders in Washington to resolve the nation’s fiscal matters. Some of what he had to say could be lumped into the category of damage control to stem a slew of recent negative healdines, but Duke made it clear where Walmart stands on inept suppliers and how the $440 billion company has moved beyond the role of traditional retailer. to watch the video, click here.

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