A Vintage Varsity clarification courtesy of Kathee Tesija

Not long after the Vintage Varsity collection of young men’s and women’s apparel hits stores, Target News Now opined that the garments seemed a little pricy and cost conscious college kids would be likely to defer purchases until the goods were marked down.

More specifically, we said, “College girls may love the look of the tees, tanks, sweats and shorts Target has offered up under the Vintage Varsity brand this season, but the prices the items are offered at isn’t anything to text home about.”

Apparently that didn’t stop anyone from buying the stuff as has been evident the past few weeks from thinly stocked displays that suggest a strong sell through. Target EVP merchandising Kathee Tesija also singled out the Vintage Varsity line for some commentary during the company’s second quarter earnings call last week when she noted early results from the program have exceeded expectations.

“Our exclusive Vintage Varsity line takes inspiration from the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum, which is located in a small Wisconsin town. The unique style of this art form translates to great design in a collection that includes everything guests will love for back-to-school, from T-shirts to leggings to tote bags,” Tesija said.

It would appear that Target News Now’s prediction that shoppers would balk at Vintage Varsity prices, resulting in markdowns, has not come to pass.

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