Wahlburgers opens at center on Vegas Strip

Those crazy actin’ and burger-flippin’ Wahlbergs Mark and Donny, along with brother Paul and other family members, have opened at Grand Bazaar Shops on the Las Vegas Strip.
The new center located on Bally’s doorstep and across from the Bellagio picked the busiest intersection Vegas to place a culinary assemblage of the hottest new names in casual dining that are beginning to spread to malls and open-air centers nationwide.
Alongside Wahlburgers and Giordano’s Deep –Dish Pizza are or soon will be:
Born and Raised Craft Pub: The third location for the “home-base” of UNLV fans. It features Las Vegas inspired décor, craft beers, and its first-ever retail shop. 
Sin City Brewing Co.: The brew-pub’s fourth location offers five signature craft beers, a rotating seasonal brew, and an al fresco drinking experience on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Dirt Dog: The Los Angeles street food phenomenon known for “The Official Hot Dog of Los Angeles,” a bacon-wrapped wiener it has trademarked. 
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