Wal-Mart OKs 90-day filing extension on gender-bias case

San Francisco -- Wal-Mart Stores said Friday it agreed that women planning potential gender-bias suits, after a group lawsuit was rejected by the Supreme Court, should get an extra 90 days to file their cases. Opposing lawyers are seeking to extend the filing deadline by 120 days.

According to Bloomberg on Friday, Wal-Mart attorney Theodore Boutrous told a federal judge in San Francisco that the company isn’t opposed to “start the clock fresh” on potential gender-bias claims that were blocked from being filed while Wal-Mart challenged the legality of the group lawsuit, the largest private gender-bias case -- numbering over a million workers -- in U.S. history.

The ruling is expected within the next day or two about whether or not to give potential plaintiffs until Oct. 20, the date favored by Wal-Mart, or Jan. 16, the date favored by lawyers representing current and former workers, to file new cases.

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