Wal-Mart temporarily shutters seven stores in China

New York City -- Wal-Mart Stores was ordered to temporarily halt operations at seven stores in the city of Chongqing in southwest China, as the local government investigates accusations that it mislabeled some pork products as organic.

The company, which was ordered to pay $421,000 over the incident, apologized to shoppers for any inconvenience and said it was cooperating with authorities.

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- 2:05 PM
psiegel@GoProConstruction.com says

While it appears WalMart has problems elsewhere, there's no question they have plenty of them right here in the US. As a manufacturer, I monitor their stores frequently, and empty shelving is only part of their list of problems. Ivory Tower solutions won't always work-they need to get into the stores regularly seeking the problems and exit interview customers would be an excellent source of what's wrong too. Find out why their customers are leaving their stores and NOT RETURNING - UNHAPPY- with out of stocks, carts and pallets and incoming shipments blocking aisles - discontinued plenty of items their shoppers used to depend on them for - etc., etc. Talking with a store manager or the regional is like asking the FOX what security measures should be taken to secure the CHICKENS. DOES NO GOOD AND ACCOMPLISHES LITTLE IF ANYTHING! LOW PRICES HELPS, BUT NOT IF CUSTOMERS AREN'T RETURNING TO SHOP.

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