Wal-Mart Turns to Staten Island

New York City, After an unsuccessful first attempt at opening a store in New York City, Wal-Mart is hoping to build a store on Staten Island. In the past month, Wal-Mart has been putting ads in 70 community newspapers and using radio spots to win over New Yorkers on the idea. The giant retailer, however, has come across the not-in-my-backyard problem due to concerns about traffic and pollution.

According to government officials and developers, the store on Staten Island would be at the former Lucent Technologies factory site in Richmond Valley. Wal-Mart officials said the company wants a store in the nation’s largest city to add to its 3,762 stores nationwide. It hopes the ads will help its endeavor and that Wal-Mart soon will be available in one of the five boroughs.

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