Walgreens, Boston-area chains join CVS in Rolling Stone boycott

Deerfield Park, Ill. – Walgreens, as well as Boston-area grocery chain Roche Bros. and convenience chain Tedeschi Stores, have indicated they will join CVS in refusing to sell the upcoming Aug. 3 issue of Rolling Stone that features a cover photo of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Walgreens made an announcement yesterday afternoon on Twitter, while the Boston Globe reported that Roche Bros. and Tedeschi would also decline to sell the controversial issue.

Walgreens apparently made the decision to not sell the issue after receiving Twitter comments from customers.

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Walgreens will not be selling this issue of Rolling Stone magazine,” stated a tweet on the official Walgreens Twitter feed, It has been retweeted at least 1,1417 times and favorited at least 708 times. CVS made its similar announcement via Facebook.

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