Walgreens installs Cree LEDs in Goodyear, Arizona, store

Durham, N.C. -- Walgreens plans to incorporate energy-efficient LED lighting into its new stores going forward. The drugstore retailer recently installed Cree LED lighting in its 14,820-sq.-ft. Goodyear, Arizona location.

The 14,820-sq.-ft. store uses Cree’s LED troffers, linear luminaires and downlights, saving the retailer thousands in annual energy and maintenance costs while delivering superior illumination, Cree said.
“Cree’s products deliver among the best light levels in the industry matched with superior efficacy, which helps lower our total cost of ownership since less power is needed to illuminate all levels of our shelves over alternative light fixtures,” said Jamie Meyers, manager of sustainability for Walgreens. “We had been looking to add LED technology to our corporate sustainability program for a while, and with the successful Cree lighting implementation at the Goodyear store, it’s clear that it’s time to roll this out on a larger level. We are planning to incorporate LED lighting into all of our new stores moving forward.”

The Cree LED lighting system allows Walgreens to reduce its energy usage and operating costs without compromising light quality. The linear luminaires deliver strong vertical light levels throughout the sales floor, and the troffers, which are designed to last 100,000 hours, help Walgreens reduce energy consumption and maintenance needs in the pharmacy.

“With Cree, the colors of our merchandise pop to such an extent that customers can easily see items on the bottom shelves,” added Meyers. “There is a distinctively different feel when you walk into this store. Cree LED lighting has a better quality to it. It’s crisper and cleaner. That’s valuable to us, particularly as a retailer trying to make our product look as appealing as possible."

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