Walmart Canada opens 200th supercenter

Mississsauga, Ontario -- Walmart Canada on Friday opened its 200th supercenter, in Edmonton, Alberta. Today's grand opening marks a major milestone for Walmart Canada. The company opened its first supercentres in Ontario in 2006. Today, Walmart Canada has supercentres in six provinces and 373 stores nationwide serving more than eight million customers each week.

Edmonton-Abbottsfield Walmart Supercentre is one of 73 real estate projects planned for the company's current fiscal year, which will add 4.6 million sq. ft. of retail space to its operations by Jan. 31. The 73 projects include building new stores and expanding, remodeling or relocating existing stores and represent an investment of more than $750 million in Canadian communities. These projects include 39 former Zellers stores and will generate more than 14,000 store, trade and construction jobs.


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