Walmart Canada opens first high-efficiency store

Mississauga, Ontario Walmart Canada opened its first high-efficiency prototype on Wednesday in Waterdown, Ontario.

The supercenter is expected to use 30% less energy and will integrate industry-leading heating, cooling and refrigeration systems to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company reported that the new store will be its first high waste-diversion store, incorporating a vast number of waste programs including, but not limited to paper, plastic, organics, polystyrene, wood, and metal recycling and diversion. 

The high-efficiency prototype will eventually become the norm for all future Walmart stores in Canada, according to the company.

"As we design and build new stores, our goal is to be the greenest business on the block," said David Cheesewright, president and CEO,Walmart Canada. "We continue to pilot new technologies, drive innovation and experiment with new prototypes to create some of the most sustainable stores in retail. With our new sustainable prototypes, we are on track to achieve our environmental goals, which include using less energy and producing less waste."

Sustainable features of the store include concrete floors for chemical-free clean up and hundreds of environmentally preferable products.

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