Walmart, Kohl's among top green power purchasers

NEW YORK — Kohl’s Department Stores and Walmart rank among the nation’s top purchasers of power according to the EPA’s most recent Green Power Partnership report. Kohl’s placed second in the ranking, while Walmart came in at third, followed by Whole Foods Market. Intel Corp. maintained its long-held top spot. Other retailers in the top 10 included Starbucks (No. 7) and Staples (No.9).

The Walmart ranking is particularly noteworthy in that it based only on the chain’s Texas and California facilities. According to the EPA’s data, Walmart’s facilities in the two states use 872,382,088 kWh of green power a year, or 28% of their total electricity use.

Walmart has a long-term goal of being supplied by 100% renewable energy. The chain said it will use its success in Texas and California as a model for its larger operations.

Walmart’s purchases of wind energy in Texas provide up to 15% of the total energy for more than 360 outlets in that state. The electricity comes from a Duke Energy wind farm in Notrees, Texas, which produces about 226 million kWh a year.

In California Walmart plans to expand its solar portfolio to more than 130 rooftops, comprising 75% of its stores, by the end of 2013.

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