Weather Trends: November 2013

November 2013 is projected to be the coldest in five years for the United States as a whole and wetter than last year. A majority of the nation will trend colder than last year, but there will be some milder year-on-year trends in the east mainly due to warmer overnight temperatures; daytime temperatures will actually be closer to or even below normal. Snowfall will be greater than last year and likely the second most in 10 years for the nation as a whole. The first and last weeks of the month will be the highest risk period for snow in the Northern Rocky Mountains. The last week of November will be the highest risk period for snow in the Northern Plains and New England. Compared to the disruptions from Hurricane Sandy last year, demand for all seasonal categories during early November across the Northeast will be stronger. Replenishment systems will have a great deal of difficulty digesting the impacts of Sandy. Temperatures turn much colder compared to last year for a majority of the nation during the week of Black Friday, which is favorable for cold weather items like coats, hats, gloves, electric blankets and other seasonal gifts.

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