Weather Trends: October 2013

October 2013 is projected to be the coolest in four years for the U.S. as a whole. Expect colder year-on-year trends across the Northeast and Southwest, especially during retail weeks one, three and four. Wetter trends will encompass the Texas to Louisiana Gulf Coast, where tropical storm and hurricane potential will be the highest should any storms develop this month and threaten the U.S. mainland. The northern tier of the U.S. will trend drier than last year, especially across the Great Lakes. Colder weather during the final two weeks of the month in the East will bring renewed interest from shoppers as they seek out seasonal apparel and Halloween supplies. Across the East, demand for items like coats, boots, sweaters and hats will start off the month slowly, but will pick up considerably by the latter half of October. As we approach the late month period, we will be dealing with tough comparisons to last year when many on the East Coast were preparing for Superstorm Sandy. Retailers in the Northeast will need to assess inventory allocation as emergency relief supplies will see less demand, while more typical autumn categories, like apparel and Halloween items, will see stronger demand.  

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