Weatherproof store to have ‘leave your Blackberry at the door’ policy

New York City -- Apparel manufacturer Weatherproof will open its first Apartment 32 store on Nov. 10, in the SoHo section of Manhattan. The flagship location, which will carry women’s and men’s apparel, will have an unusual “leave your Blackberry at the door” policy.

“We’re providing a great venue for people to visit, put their feet up, and enjoy face-to-face conversation,” says Freddie Stollmack, president of Weatherproof. “People can actually get to know each other without the help of an electronic device!”

The new store will be outfitted as a chic Manhattan apartment, one that invites shoppers to enjoy the comforts of a modern home. The store’s sales associates are referred to as “residents” and shoppers as “house guests” or “visitors.” Although there is a no-talking on smartphones rule, guests can charge their phones, free of phone, while relaxing on a couch and sipping a cup of espresso and chatting with other shoppers.
In addition, the store will host “date night” every Thursday night. While enjoying extended store hours, cocktails will be served to “apartment guests;” shopping will be put on the “back burner.”

Apartment 32 will carry men’s and women’s apparel geared towards a younger demographic. The collections feature water resistant, cold resistant and wind resistant jackets. It will also house the entire 32 Heat collection -- different categories in active outerwear combined with a new process that retains and absorbs body heat.

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