Weis Markets ups cap ex budget to support remodels and tech investments

Sunbury, Pa. -- Weis Markets announced it would invest $135 million in its 2013 capital expenditure program, an 8% increase compared to the year prior.
“To position our company for continued growth, we have made record investments in our store base,” and vice chairman Jonathan H. Weis, at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. “Look for more of the same in 2013 when we increase our Cap Ex investment to $135 million – an 8% increase compared to 2012 – and a 33% increase compared to 2011.”
In 2013, the company is planning 37 major projects including four new stores, 15 major remodels and 17 remodels.
“By the end of 2013, we will have invested nearly half a billion dollars in our growth and will have completed more than 100 projects. Our cap ex program also includes record level investments in our information technology infrastructure,” said company president and CEO David J. Hepfinger “Improving our decision support and measurement capabilities are essential to our growth and future profitability.”

According to Hepfinger, supply chain and improving service are also key areas of focus for the retailer.


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