What is a power broker?

“It would be impossible to give someone in our business the power broker moniker unless they had demonstrated a high level of production, consistently over the long term — in both good and bad markets. It sounds easy, but it isn’t.”
— John Cumbelich, principal with San Francisco Bay Area-based X Team partner John Cumbelich & Associates

“A power broker demonstrates consistency in the craftsmanship of a broker’s work for multiple deal cycles across numerous clients of various shapes and sizes. A power broker is also always willing to cultivate relationships with younger brokers and help colleagues, even when there is no direct benefit to him or her and, finally, a power broker has the ability to assimilate information that is difficult to mine for — retailer sales, rent comps and the like — and put it in the proper context.”
— Clay Albers, broker with Houston-based X Team partner Baker Katz

“A power broker is one who does what they say they will and provides it according to the promised timeline.”
— Connie Niessink, principal with Indianapolis-based X Team partner Niessink Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

“Power brokers have an intangible quality of being able to make things happen and drive a deal to completion. Finalizing a transaction and having both sides satisfied that they received a fair deal while knowing that nothing was left on the table is a huge differentiator for a power broker.”
— Dave Cheatham, president of Phoenix-based X Team partner Velocity Retail Group

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