What will they think of next?

Target has come up with some clever buzz-building brand activities over the years and a new initiative underway in Seattle is no exception.

In anticipation of the opening of the retailer’s first CityTarget location in downtown Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks, Target developed an oversize coffee kiosk from which it began dispensing free coffee on July 11. Initially, the kiosk was located across the street from the new store at 2nd Avenue and Pike, but it will move to other locations such as Westlake Plaza and the Convention Place Metro bus stop up until the store opens on July 29.

Also slated to open that day is the first CityTarget location in Chicago and Target employed a different awareness generating strategy in that market. Last month, in conjunction with the city’s Bike to Work Week Target sponsored free spinning classes in a downtown park. The Target brand was integrated into the scene as the circular shroud around the pedaling mechanism on the stationery bikes featured the Bullseye logo.


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