White House calls for new standards on data breaches

New York -- The White House on Thursday called on Congress to pass legislation to create a national standard that would alert consumers when their data has been hacked. It one-of-six policy recommendations that comes after a 90-day review of data and privacy.

"As organizations store more information about individuals, Americans have a right to know if that information has been stolen or otherwise improperly exposed," said the report, led by John Podesta, a top advisor to President Barack Obama.

The review sought to examine consumer privacy given the reams of data collected and stored on the internet, from phones, and from sensors and cameras.

"We live in a world of near-ubiquitous data collection where that data is being crunched at a speed increasingly approaching real-time," the report said.

The White House said the Commerce Department is going start work on drafting a bill that would codify a "Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights" the White House drafted in 2012.


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