Whole Foods commences test run of Wellness Clubs

AUSTIN — Retailer Whole Foods is continuing its foray into the health-and-wellness realm.

The retailer, which doesn't shy from health-and-wellness initiatives — including a healthy eating mobile application, "cooking coaches" and the recently-launched charity aimed to provide children with access to healthy food choices through partnerships with schools, educators and organizations — has commenced a pilot of membership-only Wellness Clubs in five cities, including Dedham, Mass., Chicago, Oakland, Calif., New York and Princeton, N.J. Chicago and Oakland Wellness Clubs will open next month, while the New York and Princeton Wellness Clubs will launch in October. It is speculated that if the pilot program proves successful, the Wellness Club offering will be taken nationwide.

Whole Foods Market Wellness Clubs provide an inviting environment where members are empowered to make educated and positive lifestyle choices that promote their long-term health and well-being through coaching, delicious food and a supportive community," the Whole Foods Wellness Club page reads.

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