Whole Foods Market announces plans for store on Chicago’s South Side

Chicago -- Whole Foods Market plans to open an 18,000-sq.-ft. store on Chicago’s South Side, in the impoverished Englewood neighborhood, in 2015. The store will be built as part of a larger development at the northwest corner of South Halsted and West 63rd Streets. The retail portion of the site is being developed by DL3.

“We look forward to joining organizations and community members to envision and develop a store that meets the needs of Englewood,” said Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. “We believe that fresh, healthy food choices along with information and education about food should be accessible for all communities. We hope that our efforts on Chicago’s South Side and in other communities across the country, combined with the work of others, will help make a meaningful impact on the health of our nation.”

Partnering with Whole Foods Market to bring a full-service grocery store with healthy and affordable options into the Englewood community is part of Mayor Emanuel’s economic development and food access plans, which includes efforts to work with the community and local businesses to develop the areas surrounding the new Whole Foods Market.

“I have worked with Whole Foods Market for the last year and a half to invest in one of our oldest neighborhoods and address a pressing need for fresh, healthy food, and I’m proud to announce this wonderful new facility that will help meet this need while creating a strong economic anchor in this community,” said Mayor Emanuel. “This store will not only provide these important resources, but it will also create jobs and spur economic growth -- a true win-win.”

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