World Cup boosts soccer-related U.S. e-commerce

San Jose, Calif. - For the month of June, soccer-related searches across the U.S. sites of eight international sporting goods and apparel retailers increased by 280%, compared to May. According to analysis from SLI Systems, there were more than 2.2 million U.S. soccer-related product searches from these eight e-commerce sites alone, with a corresponding boost in online shopping behavior during June for products including soccer cleats, balls, shin guards, gloves and other equipment.

June 16 was the peak day for soccer-related shopping in the U.S., the day U.S. played Ghana. In the U.S., the international teams with most consumer interest are Brazil, followed by Germany, Argentina, and the Netherlands.

The most popular search terms, in order, for the U.S., were:

• Soccer
• USA soccer
• Nike soccer

“Soccer is played year-round in the U.S., but recreational soccer gear tends to be purchased before fall and spring seasons,” said Tim Callan, CMO, SLI Systems. “We found (data) demonstrating the country’s increased interest in actually playing the sport. It is clear that The World Cup U.S. fanfare will continue long after Sunday’s final game.”

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