Zappos tailors Facebook to fit revenue goals

SAN FRANCISCO -- Social marketing platform Kenshoo Social said Wednesday that it has completed an integrated Facebook marketing campaign for Zappos and cloud-based social marketing platform, Shoutlet.

During a two-month test on a single-brand page, Zappos’ Facebook posts generated approximately 85,000 visits to its website. The traffic produced an average order value on par with its paid search and social marketing programs and achieved an average conversion rate of 1.75%.

Through the Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet solution for paid and owned media attribution, Zappos was able to measure Facebook page posts by sales revenue for the first time and identify the value of Facebook as a marketing channel. Leveraging new social media metrics, including revenue per post and revenue per click, Zappos identified the brand’s highest converting Facebook page posts, and the team’s social content managers tailored subsequent posts toward revenue goals.

Additionally, Zappos’ paid social media buyers were able to selectively amplify posts with paid ads based on conversion and revenue data, rather than rely on engagement metrics such as likes and shares, which do not necessarily correlate to sales.

“The conversion attribution solution from Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet allowed the Zappos team to create and amplify synergies between our paid and owned social media strategies,” said Graham Kahr, social scientist at Zappos. “Through integrated reporting, we gained a holistic view of our customer throughout the path to purchase, which has enabled us to better understand the impact of our investments.”

During the campaign, 42% of Zappos’ posts resulted in sales and revenue as measured by Kenshoo Social and Shoutlet. The integrated solution allowed Zappos to more effectively allocate its owned and paid social media marketing resources based on bottom-line revenue generation.




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