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  • Aug 3 2017
    There is an endless list of adjectives to describe the first six-months of the Trump administration. But one modifier is both accurate and acceptable — and that word is unpredictable.
    For context, the first six months of the Obama and Bush administrations were fairly predictable. Both embarked on a legislative agenda that looked and felt a lot like their campaign platforms and while the legislative process for both was rocky, we knew what we were in for. Not so much this time around.
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  • Jun 21 2017
    The recent announcement that Amazon intends to purchase Whole Foods Market has the retail and grocery store industry reeling as traditional grocers assess the near and long-term impact that the online giant’s much larger position in the marketplace may have. And with good reason. Amazon is the classic “disruptor” and has changed the face of every industry it touches. But aside from the competitive aspects, this move potentially has significant political and policy impacts as well. 
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  • Jun 14 2017

    The actions this week by two state attorneys general over the constitutionality of President Trump’s overseas business dealings have very little to do with the P&Ss of retail and restaurant owners. But here’s why it matters to your business and employees:  In the grand scheme of things, their legal maneuvering it is a stinging reminder of the role attorneys general play and how, in other circumstances critical to our business models and industry, they can have a seriously negative impact.

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  • May 30 2017
    As retail operators return to work this week after what was hopefully a busy Memorial Day weekend for them, they should be encouraged by some rare good news out of Washington, D.C. The industry had some big wins last week on very important issues. Republican House leaders wisely decided to remove language from the popular CHOICE Act that would have repealed the debit card swipe fee reforms the industry fought hard to pass in 2010.
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  • May 10 2017

    As Congress reconvened after Easter, retail operators had a tremendous amount at stake. The industry is in an unprecedented state of strife with major legacy brands announcing large-scale closures.

    If that’s not enough, here is another one to consider: Roughly 80,000 retail workers lost their jobs in the past year, a total that is greater than the number of workers in the entire coal industry. Clearly the disruptive impact of the online economy is quickly and permanently taking its toll on traditional retail operators.

  • May 2 2017
    Monday's May Day demonstrations across the country and world are yet another reminder that we are in a politically precarious position in this country. The intensity of anger within our populace far outweighs the ability of our government mechanisms to address it.
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  • Apr 24 2017
    As Congress reconvenes after the Easter recess, retail operators have a tremendous amount at stake. The industry is in an unprecedented state of strife with major legacy brands announcing large scale closures. 
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  • Apr 10 2017
    With Congress in recess this week, legislators can finally take a break from the grind of D.C. politics – fighting with the other party, fighting with their own party, and of course, the spotlight of a relentless national media. But in a lot of cases, members may have it better in D.C. than back home. 
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  • Apr 5 2017
    The  retail community has had a curious relationship with the Ivanka Trump brand over the last year or two. Some prominent brands proudly display her clothing, shoe and accessories lines. Others carry it, but really don’t highlight it too much, and some have decided  to drop it all together. 
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  • Apr 3 2017
    This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee considered the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court. Since vacancies on the bench are rare and the political stakes so high, few spectacles in Washington D.C. invite this level of drama. He was confirmed by the committee but when his nomination eventually goes to the floor of the Senate for a vote, the real fun will begin. (See “nuclear option.”) Lost in the hype is what his eventual seat on the court will mean to retail operators.
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