03/31/2016 - 4:10pm

For retail analysts and consumers alike, what’s going on in the apparel sector is fascinating and, in fact, confounding. While the root causes may not seem exactly crystal clear, the implications will be clear and unambiguous.

03/31/2016 - 3:59pm

On-demand delivery provider Postmates is priming consumers for a new free delivery subscription service.

03/31/2016 - 3:54pm

Online fashion site Revolve has entered the world of physical retail with what the brand describes as a “social club.”

03/31/2016 - 3:47pm

Six months after the Oct. 1, 2015 deadline for migration to the Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) chip-based payment card standard, retailers and consumers are demonstrating a fast rate of adoption.

03/31/2016 - 1:06pm

Walmart and its financial services partners have added a loyalty component to credit, debit and prepaid card offerings that provide an extra incentive to make online purchase.

03/31/2016 - 12:52pm

When it comes to what keeps retail CEOs up at night, put exchange rate volatility and over-regulation at the top of the list.

03/31/2016 - 12:43pm

When the Masters golf tournament gets underway next week one of the sport’s highest profile players will be sporting apparel co-created with Uniqlo.

03/31/2016 - 12:39pm

The world’s greatest golfers will gather soon in Augusta, Georgia, for the 80th annual Masters golf tournament, an event with has many similarities to the retail industry and one that serves as a source of inspiration as we look to grow the PGA TOUR Superstore.

03/31/2016 - 12:33pm

A few months after Whole Foods Market and The Fresh Market initiated price-cutting strategies to lure more shoppers, Trader Joe's has apparently followed suit, according to a new report.