07/02/2014 - 1:43pm

According to Forrester Research, weather is the leading cause of business disruptions. From commodity demands and supply chain interruptions to community assistance, retailers know the power that severe weather has over their economic profits and losses.

06/30/2014 - 1:28pm

Too often in retail, disruptions are viewed as bad things, but new digital disruptions, including 3-D printing and digital currencies, are transforming what consumers expect from their shopping experience and how they interact with physical and online retailers — for the better.

06/26/2014 - 8:58am

Data sharing as it exists today between retailer and supplier is not enough. The industry is changing at a rapid pace.

06/23/2014 - 10:27am

“Omnichannel” has become the buzzword de jour in retail circles lately and for good reason – ecommerce pure plays are now trying to do it too. Consumers are always shopping and looking for a way to trade product ideas, compare price and ultimately make the purchase via whatever medium works best for them, regardless of where they are.

06/18/2014 - 2:53pm

The way business is executed within the retail construction industry may never be the same. The Great Recession is finally behind us, but it has changed how retailers deliver stores, as well as how architecture and engineering professionals design them.

06/17/2014 - 2:55pm

Ali Baba is a literary character from the Arabian Nights stories known for his ability to get virtually anything he wants by shouting “Open Sesame!”

06/16/2014 - 3:13pm

Healthy is hip. That’s the message coming from most media outlets, as well as consumers in general. Overall interest among Americans in healthful meal options is at an all-time high.

06/12/2014 - 10:27am

In mid- May, over 30,000 professionals from the shopping center industry gathered in Las Vegas for the ICSC’s annual RECon event.

06/04/2014 - 9:37am

The long established buzzword, “localization” is more important today than it has ever been. The approach of ever broadening assortments has clogged shelves, exaggerated mark-down costs and compromised returns; with slotting fees no longer sufficient to bridge the gap.