11/25/2015 - 11:43am

Alibaba generated a record $14.3 billion in sales in a 24-hour period on Singles Day (Nov. 11) this year. That is roughly five times what Cyber Monday is expected to generate.

11/25/2015 - 11:39am

Online retailer Jet.com has secured an additional $350 million in funding and joined the ranks of startup unicorns whose valuation exceeds $1 billion.

11/25/2015 - 11:33am

Retailers looking to maximize online revenues should utilize one specific digital promotional solution to create a sense of pleasure.

11/25/2015 - 11:30am

Click and collect, or customers ordering goods online for retailers to assemble for in-store pickup, is a practice retailers should consider this holiday season.

11/25/2015 - 11:27am

While most large retailers now offer omnichannel return capabilities, the experience may leave something to be desired.

11/25/2015 - 11:22am

Online spending this holiday season is shaping up to be downright joyful for retailers.

11/24/2015 - 11:16am

A new type of POS malware has been attacking POS systems at U.S. retailers for some time, and has been identified as the holiday shopping season begins.

11/24/2015 - 10:37am

Mobile is the connective tissue in the omnichannel body. Flexible and strong, it adapts to its environment and holds the pieces together. It brings sensors, gestures, and other features to the retail experience that are simply not available on desktop. It is changing everything about the industry, and the shocking reality is that we have only just begun to discover its potential.

11/20/2015 - 12:49pm

Of all the major big-box retailers, only one has a digital IQ ranking in the “genius” range.