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Celerant Supercharges the E-Commerce Investment
Small retailers realize rapid ROI by integrating their e-commerce and physical POS investments. E-commerce integration with brick-and-mortar store systems has quickly become central to the success of retailers of all shapes and sizes. Driven by the large tier-1 and big-box retailers who set the precedent for consumers’ cross-channel expectations, integration of physical and digital retail systems is fast becoming an imperative for even the smallest stores.


Celerant Powers Strict Firearms Sales Control at the POS

Back in 2007, Barneys implemented Celerant Technology's Retail Management System to track and manage all firearm sales, which meets ATF requirements. Celerant RMS manages inventory and tracking of firearms and enables customized reporting in line with the strict requirements expected of ATF-compliant firearm retailers.

Digital Receipts: Beyond The Green Benefit
With the convergence of consumer demand for less clutter, mainstream adoption of mobile devices, and seamless digital/paper receipt workflows, there are significant business benefits to digital receipts including cutting costs and adding customer emails to an integrated CRM. Celerant Command Retail includes a digital receipt module that enables the customer to choose his/her receipt preference.


Web Mining: Demystifying E-Commerce Data
Understanding e-commerce traffic – where it’s coming from and how customers from specific sources interact with your site – is the first step to e-commerce site optimization. With the third-generation Web Mining tool, Celerant e-commerce customers have insight into customer behavior from the minute they arrive on the site.



How CMS Drives Traffic And Improves The Retail Experience

"Consumers have begun to expect retail web sites to include a great deal of information including product reviews, sale announcements, relevant blog entries, etc. For online retailers, Celerant Command CMS simplifies the task of editing web content and enables quick and easy content creation and publication with little technical knowledge."



Software That’s Tailored For Team Sports
Schuylkill Valley Sports benefited when Celerant brought the nation’s leading team sports software into the big league. 

Do you feel your Celerant system provides you with an advantage over your competition in the team sales niche? Why? 

For team sales, Celerant is much further along than the companies they’re competing with. It’s a complicated business. As I said earlier, other vendors we’ve looked into simply couldn’t handle all the moving parts. That said, Celerant’s grasp of the order entry process alone is way ahead of their competition, which gives us an advantage over ours. 
- Jerry Williams, President, Schulylkill Valley Sports

Powering 12 Months Of Sales In 7 Days
David’s Western Wear has been seeking a single solution to tie their brick-and-mortar, web, warehouse, and call center together. After extensive research, Celerant’s solid base applications, flexible inventory setup, and ability to easily develop customizations allowed David’s Western Wear to seamlessly integrate their e-commerce and efficiently process high transaction volumes.

 Cross-Channel Integration Drives Efficiency For Fontana Sport
After 63 years of business, Fontana Sports recently decided to integrate its brick-and-mortar store with its E-Commerce platform through Celerant’s multi-channel software. With better inventory control and more concerted analysis and reporting, Fontana has been able to improve inventory tracking and expand its business.

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