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Jan 14, 2014
If a sacred cow exists among retail strategists today, the price-match is...
Jan 08, 2014
Retailers know that e-commerce is driving revenue growth by extending the...
Jan 06, 2014
While it is true that customer loyalty programs have revolutionized the...
Jan 02, 2014
Omni-channel strategies are helping chain stores compete with pure-play e-...
Dec 18, 2013
Appraisal firms are often asked by lenders if condensing a retail chain’s...
Dec 17, 2013
Many retailers today are looking to bolster profits by offering...
Dec 16, 2013
Statistics tell the story: the U.S. population is getting older at a...

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Michaels Stores' Breach Ups the Ante for Retail Data Security

By Mark Bower, Voltage Security

If retailers wants to address this threat head-on, then they need to join the leaders already taking their systems off the radar of advanced malware based attacks — especially any retailer that's seen repeated attacks, which illustrate that traditional IT defenses simply don't cut the mustard. More ....


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