September 21, 2012

For many retail brands, Chapter 11 is not always the end of the story. Just consider the sequel being crafted by home furnishings retailer Bombay Company, which was founded in 1978 as a mail-order operation and grew to a national presence with 461 stores before filing for bankruptcy in late 2007 and closing all its U.S. locations.

July 3, 2012

Andrea Thomas, senior VP sustainability, Walmart, talked with Chain Store Age contributing editor Connie Gentry about what sustainability means at Walmart and how the company leverages its scale to make the biggest possible impact for global good.

June 21, 2012

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, Wal-Mart Stores is being recognized for many achievements, not the least of which is its leadership in sustainability. On the green front, the chain has become a leader in best practices, with innovations that deliver positive results for consumers, communities and the company’s bottom line.

May 4, 2012

In recent years, specialty retailer GameStop Corp. has been among the fastest-growing global chains, opening 388 new stores in 2009, more than 350 in 2010 and 285 new locations last year. For its current fiscal year, GameStop is ramping down organic growth, anticipating the opening of some 150 stores, in deference to building on its dominant presence in the multichannel PC digital download market.

December 21, 2011

Throughout the industry, retailers are reinventing strategies, changing formats and resizing footprints. While many are downsizing prototypes, Casual Male Retail Group is transitioning from traditional 3,500 sq. ft. Casual Male XL stores to a big-box Destination XL format. Dennis Hernreich, who holds the dual titles of COO and CFO for Casual Male Retail Group (CMRG), talked with Chain Store Age contributing editor Connie Gentry about the opportunities and challenges of transforming the business to better serve an expanded market. 

October 24, 2011

In the 39 years Michael Howard has been with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service (the Exchange), he has traveled the world and proudly held leadership roles in one of the nation’s oldest and most far-flung retail organizations. Now in its 116th year of operation, the Exchange is responsible for some 3,024 facilities worldwide, including sites that serve troops deployed in combat locations or the most remote areas.

July 31, 2008

Retail forensics has turned the returns counter into a potential CSI episode—either a customer-service...

May 31, 2008

If Indiana Jones were a retailer, he’d have a business model like Earthbound Trading...

April 30, 2008

Shopko is on the move again. Following a hiatus during which it closed a...

November 30, 2007

When it comes...

June 30, 2007

In June, a new start-up concept, Ridemakerz, made its debut at Broadway at the Beach,...

April 30, 2007

Wal-Mart Stores rarely leaves a market, but changing market dynamics and expansion opportunities often prompt...

February 28, 2007

Converting paper checks to electronic deposits is a cumbersome and costly process for multi-lane stores....

January 31, 2007

Store environments constantly...