July 23, 2014

Shopping ranks as a favorite activity among nearly half of all teens and young adults aged 13 to 24, according to a new survey by Forest City in partnership with Alexander Babbage.

October 3, 2013

Different developers look at mixed-use in different ways. One developer will look for trade areas that provide solid demand for retail, residential, office and perhaps other uses. The goal is to create developments where no single use dominates the others.

Still other developers gauge the demand for various uses and adjust the use offerings to match demand. In such cases, one use may dominate the center.

The Trademark approach to demand

September 20, 2013

Forest City has acquired Macy’s Furniture Store building at the Ballston Common Mall from Macy’s.

September 29, 2010

Forest City Commercial Management said it has named Lindsey Cottone as marketing manager for corporate...

November 30, 2007

As attention has turned from enclosed malls to open-air shopping centers, all eyes this December...