November 18, 2014

Perceptions about private label are overwhelmingly favorable. Almost three-quarters of global respondents (71%) say store-brand quality has improved over time, according to a new study by Nielsen.

July 21, 2014

The 2014 Harris Poll EquiTrend (EQ) study, which measures brand equity for more than 1,500 brands across 170 categories, finds traditional grocery store brands rank highest overall in three of the four regions surveyed.

June 13, 2014

More shoppers are purchasing private label (store brand) products in 2014 compared to the prior year.

May 5, 2014

Consumers have “no regrets” when it comes to dropping national food, beverage and household brand names from their shopping lists.

April 8, 2014

Walmart is the most valuable retail brand in North America, with a brand value estimated at $131.8 billion, according to Interbrand's "Best Retail Brands" report.

March 21, 2014

Walmart has introduced an online feature, called “Savings Catcher,” that allows shoppers to compare prices on the chain’s food and household products against those of its competitors, according to the Associated Press.

October 16, 2013

Back in March, Bloomberg ran a story headlined, “Private Equity’s $36 Billion Retail Bet Not Going So Well.” In a nutshell, this piece catalogued how investment firms like Bain Capital had poured large amounts of money into brick-and-mortar chains in the run-up to the recession, only to be met with lackluster results.

May 29, 2013

Bi-Lo Holdings, parent company of the Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie grocery store brands, has entered into an agreement to buy three chains from Belgium-based Delhaize Group.

May 7, 2013

One hundred and forty one billion dollars. That's the estimated brand value of Walmart, according to Interbrand's "Best Global Brands" report. The annual study ranks the 50 most valuable U.S. retail brands, along with the top store brands in countries around the world.

October 10, 2012

By Michael Dart, Todd Hooper and Jay Agarwal

July 10, 2012

A study released by Accenture found that, in the grocery arena, store brands continue to steal sales from brand-name products.

June 28, 2011

The Private Label Manufacturing Association reported Tuesday that store brands have capped a decade of strong growth by posting sales increases across all three of the major retail channels in 2010 and pushing dollar market share to new all-time highs in supermarkets, drug stores and total outlets.

April 20, 2011

By Jeff Weidauer, is VP marketing and strategy, Vestcom International Inc.

April 11, 2011

Sears on Monday announced the expansion of beauty to more than 100 Sears locations and

January 11, 2011

It is hard to put a label on consumer purchase behavior these days, what with Americans pulling out of the recession.

August 2, 2010

A poll released Tuesday by the Private Label Manufacturers Association found that many shoppers are...

December 31, 2009

It’s a new year, and with it comes the opportunity for a fresh start...

December 14, 2008

It would have been easy for the Walgreens’ new outpost in the heart of...

December 14, 2008

It would have been easy for the Walgreens’ new outpost in the heart of New...

November 24, 2008

7-Eleven Inc. is expanding its private-label products as more consumers seek out store brands to...

November 17, 2008

A survey by The Nielsen Co., released Tuesday, found that one-third of consumers are willing...

January 27, 2008

Minneapolis, Supervalu at...

December 31, 2006

Store Brands Continue to Rise in the United StatesBy Ron Margulis, managing director, RAM CommunicationsThe...