December 20, 2013

Overall in-store satisfaction has grown 23% in the last six years.

August 8, 2013

Customer satisfaction is on the rise globally after more than a year in decline, with the average global customer satisfaction rating reaching 81% in the second quarter of this year.

December 19, 2011

Grocer Bi-Lo LLC said that it has acquired southern supermarket chain Winn-Dixie, in a $560 million transaction that will take Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. private and create the largest grocery operator in the South.

December 16, 2011

Winn-Dixie Foundation on Thursday announced it is investing nearly $1.4 million in neighborhoods across the Southeast through partnerships with 116 nonprofit organizations, providing a broad range of services.

November 1, 2011

Winn-Dixie Stores reported a loss of $24.1 million in the fiscal first quarter, compared with a loss of $76.8 million in the year-ago period.

October 7, 2011

Regional grocer Winn-Dixie said it is working hard to change a tarnished image.

August 30, 2011

Winn-Dixie Stores said Monday that its fourth-quarter net income fell 48% amid tough competition.

August 19, 2011

Winn-Dixie Stores announced Thursday that it would convert all of its SaveRite-branded grocery stores to Winn-Dixie brands, discontinuing the SaveRite banner permanently.

June 23, 2011

Cuhaci & Peterson Architects LLC said Thursday it has been awarded contracts to remodel three Winn-Dixie Supermarkets in the Orlando, Fla. area.

June 20, 2011

Winn-Dixie Stores has filed suit against Dolgencorp, the parent company of Dollar General.

May 17, 2011

Winn-Dixie Stores said Monday that profit for the quarter ended April 6 rose to $23.5 million, compared with $20.9 million in the year-ago period.

May 10, 2010

Winn-Dixie Stores reported Tuesday that net income for the third quarter ended March 31 edged...

March 29, 2006

Miami, Winn-Dixie Stores...

August 10, 2005

Jacksonville, Fla., Store...