White paper: the future of the store

The future of the store: Branch On Demand

For the last several years, retailers have adopted wireless LANs (WLANs) for improving access to company information, enhancing customer service, and increasing distribution efficiency. The challenge is implementing the technology in a secure manner with tight IT budgets and limited staff.

Today’s WLANs carry innumerable sets of data, everything from inventory and transaction system traffic to enterprise resource planning (ERP) business applications to a wide range of task management, marketing, merchandising, customer service, and website applications. Because this traffic is missioncritical, these WLANs require the same centralized management and enterprise-level security as their wired counterparts.

The solution leverages the cloud to provide a zero-touch, auto-provisioned branch network, complete with wired and wireless connectivity. Branch on Demand is ideal for a wide range of retail environments, such as stores, kiosks, and distribution centers. This white paper shows how to cost effectively implement a WLAN system, and includes a separate case study with Macaroni Grill.

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