Amazon Marketplace has expired grocery/CPG problem, according to CNBC

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Many third-party Amazon sellers of grocery and CPG products are reportedly shipping expired goods.

According to CNBC, a recent analysis it had performed on the 100 best-selling food items on the Amazon Marketplace third-party e-commerce platform revealed 40% of the sellers have received at least five customer complaints related to selling products past their expiration date. In one specific example, the analysis found third-party sellers who currently have Starbucks Teavana products that were discontinued in 2017 for sale on Amazon Marketplace.

While Amazon requires third-party sellers to provide an expiration date at least 90 days away for any consumable product sold on its Marketplace platform, effectively tracking millions of grocery and CPG goods for freshness may be difficult. An Amazon representative said that it monitors customer feedback with both human employees and artificial intelligence technology, and that Amazon took action on all expired items CNBC brought to its attention.

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