Arby’s meets customer demand for swag – this holiday and beyond

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Another fast-food chain is opening its very own online merchandise shop.

Arby’s, best known for roast beef sandwiches and a sarcastic Twitter account, is now an online retailer of branded merchandise. The retailer has opened, which it calls a “permanent” home for clothing and accessories.

The online store includes a holiday collection featuring gift items such as “All the Meats” wrapping paper (currently sold out), a holiday sweatshirt, and a retro holiday glass. Other merchandise includes non-holiday apparel and accessories, and even a collection of disc golf gear and discs (discs all currently sold out).

Online merchandise shops are becoming as ubiquitous an offering among fast-food chains as French fries. McDonald’s recently opened Golden Arches Unlimited, an online shop that celebrates its brand with themed-merchandise specifically designed for McDonald’s fans. It’s the chain’s first-ever permanent e-commerce shop, and its initial lineup is a winter collection that includes a holiday sweater emblazoned with the chain’s signature golden arches.

Meanwhile, White Castle is offering its first-ever online holiday gift guide, “House of Crave,” and Dunkin’Donuts is operating an online holiday pop-up shop, which it has already promised to bring back in 2020. Unlike McDonald’s and Arby’s, these two retailers will shutter their e-commerce stores once the holidays have ended.