Dick’s Sporting Goods recognizes the importance of identity

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Dick’s Sporting Goods is striving to win the competition against fraudulent logins.

The sporting goods retailer will deploy the Auth0 identity platform to power the login experience for its digital properties, including website and mobile. During 2019, Dick’s embarked on a digital transformation project that included identity management as a critical component.

In addition to implementing a single sign-on for all customer applications and accounts, Dick’s also intends to leverage Auth0 technology to develop a modern identity solution that offers leading-edge options such as passwordless authentication. Dick’s will roll out new login features across its digital brands in the next few months and continue to apply Auth0’s product features to enhance the omnichannel customer experience.

“Our athletes, and their experience on our digital properties, is one of the most important factors in retaining our loyal fan base and continuing to expand our business to new audiences,” said Bob Pecina, VP of technology, Dick’s. “After a solid review of solutions on the market, Auth0 provided us with the ease-of-use and scalability we were looking for in an identity management solution. They could also achieve our time-to-market goals, which was a deciding factor with the upcoming holiday season.”