The Multi-Site Company’s Sustainability Playbook: The Secrets to a High-Return Sustainability Program

ENGIE Insight has created a new eBook with a 5-step framework for building a sustainability strategy—and seeing a high-value ROI—within five years. Leveraging this strategy, learned from years of working with 25% of the Fortune 500, can help your organization minimize consumption and cost across energy, water and waste, rally the participation of your entire organization, and answer to demanding stakeholders.

Why Develop a Sustainability Strategy?

Rising costs. Increasing regulations. Growing demands for transparency. Businesses are waking up to the reality that they need a strategy to better manage key resources such as energy, water and waste. To see real results, they must go beyond short-term efficiency projects, and look toward a strategy that engages executives, shareholders and employees.

The question today is not whether to take action, but where to start.

In this in-depth report from ENGIE Insight, discover five foundations to help transform your organization’s sustainability strategy.
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  • The Multi-Site Company’s Sustainability Playbook

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