Exclusive Q&A: Kroger provides self-service view of digital shelf

Dan Berthiaume
Senior Editor, Technology
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Jason Comack, advertising product director, Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°.

Kroger is providing brands with daily data on share of paid impressions, clicks and sales data for search and browse product listing ad campaigns.

Chain Store Age recently spoke with Jason Comack, advertising product director, Kroger Precision Marketing at 84.51°, the retail media business of Kroger based on its 84.51° data analytics subsidiary, about a new tool for digital CPG advertisers called Share of Delivered Targets.

Share of Delivered Targets is designed to empower brands to make smarter digital advertising decisions and better optimize campaigns. Brands can use their Share of Delivered Targets data to track daily share metrics for all live search & browse product listing ad campaigns, validate the impact of optimizations on their share of category position, inform how budget allocations may advance their campaign performance and share, and monitor changes in total sales share of an established product or new item launch.

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What challenges is Share of Delivered Targets designed to solve?
The digital shelf is an important place for brands to influence shopping decisions, but CPG marketers have had a hard time benchmarking the relative reach within their category or against the group of shoppers they are reaching. Our new reporting feature, Share of Delivered Targets, is about putting data in the hands of marketers to help them make better advertising decisions.

Kroger Precision Marketing, powered by 84.51°, was created to help CPG advertising be more effective. We believe media should be accountable for delivering meaningful results – and this tool is designed to create even more transparency within our on-site media offering.

How does Share of Delivered Targets work?
This new enhancement, as part of Kroger’s onsite advertising platform, allows brands to measure and evaluate their share of the paid digital shelf. The report includes three key metrics for daily insights into the areas that matter most against a brand’s share on and mobile app: awareness, engagement, and sales. The new reporting is available to all on-site advertisers within our self-service advertising platform.

What specific benefits does it provide?
The daily data provides marketers with the granularity to quickly assess the impact of campaign changes on paid search KPIs. You can invest with more confidence and precision. Marketers can optimize campaigns—adjusting levers such as cost-per-click (CPC) bids, pacing, and product selection—to reach their desired share of category goals.

For example, brands can use their Share of Delivered Targets data to track daily share metrics for all live Search & Browse product listing ad campaigns. They can see how budget shifts and other optimizations directly impact their share of category. The reporting is fueled by 100% verified data and does not rely on third-party site scraping.

Are there any client experiences you can share?
‘Share data for Kroger is going to be a game-changer for brands and just another example of how Kroger is using the data at their fingertips to empower advertisers to make smarter decisions, in-platform,’ said Riyaad Edoo, senior partner, Unilever U.S. search & e-commerce lead at Mindshare.