Report: Proposed new tariffs would hurt these retailers the most

BY CSA Staff

The nation’s leading consumer electronics retailer is among the retailers in the crosshairs of the proposed 10% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods.

Best Buy and arts-and-craft retailer Michaels appear to be the “the most vulnerable,” according to a report by Marketwatch, which cited a note by Raymond James analysts. Michaels sources a lot of its merchandise from Asia, the report said, while Beijing-based technology manufacturer Lenova is Best Buy’s fifth largest vendor.

Value retailers such as Dollar General Corp. and Dollar Tree are the least exposed since about 80% of their sales are in food, personal care and home cleaning supplies, which are largely sourced domestically, according to the report.

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M.Brandley says:
Jul-17-2018 06:14 am

LOL oh the uneducated writer . remover gas, automotive and retail was negative. the reason why they fell? credit card debt hit a record high!



Do you expect your business to be challenged by the ongoing escalation of the the heightened U.S.-China trade dispute?