The global countries with the highest Black Friday weekend sales are…


The Black Friday weekend shopping event is no longer confined to the U.S. And outside of our borders, it’s more popular than Cyber Monday.

Black Friday global e-commerce sales growth outpaced Cyber Monday’s in major markets by more than 34% according to proprietary data by eShopWorld, one of the world’s leading cross-border commerce companies. The company also found that in these same markets, global e-commerce sales growth was higher on both Saturday and Sunday (November 24 and 25) than on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

“The Black Friday–Cyber Monday shopping phenomenon has caught hold in markets well beyond the U.S. and the extended weekend is now a key retail period in many regions across the globe,” said Cynthia Hollen, eShopWorld president U.S. “Many of the regions that we work closely with saw record-breaking e-commerce sales growth over the long holiday shopping weekend this year, particularly on Black Friday.”

In the top markets where eShopWorld operates, the five countries generating the highest revenue over Black Friday through Cyber Monday included:

1. The U.K. (where revenues were up 71% year over year)
2. Canada (where revenues were up 23% year over year)
3. Australia (with revenue growth of 114% year over year)
4. Germany (where revenues were up 17% year over year)
5. The Russian Federation (with revenues up 137% year over year)

Other notable findings from eShopWorld include:

• Australia saw a 152% increase in Black Friday global e-commerce sales versus the same day in 2017.

• In the U.K. and Germany, year-over-year global e-commerce sales growth was higher on both Saturday and Sunday than on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

• In the U.K. over the five-day weekend, year-over-year sales growth was strongest on Thanksgiving Day (at 82%) and lowest, although still extremely robust, on Cyber Monday (at 65%).

• Germany saw a 32% year-over-year increase in global e-commerce sales on the Sunday preceding Cyber Monday, but only a 9% increase on Cyber Monday itself.

• The Russian Federation generated massive year-over-year global e-commerce sales growth on both Black Friday (211%) and the Saturday following (299%).

Based in Ireland, eShopWorld provides in-country cross-border e-commerce solutions to global retailers selling across North America, Europe and Asia.


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