Retail, restaurant chains among 30 most polarizing brands in U.S.

A survey by Morning Consult ranks the companies, brands, and organizations that are the most politically divisive—or the ones that divide Democrats and Republicans the most. And at the top of the list is Trump Hotels.

Media companies dominate the top 30. But five retail/restaurant companies also are included: Chick-fil-A (#15), Bass Pro Shops and Papa John’s (tied at #21), Starbucks (#25), and Cabela’s (#26).

The survey also found somewhat of a political divide when it comes to the nation’s top two discounters, with Walmart being more popular among Republican shoppers and Target doing better with Democrats.

The data shows Walmart’s favorability leans Republican by 14 points, with a 69% net favorability, compared to 55 among Democrats. Target’s favorability, on the other hand, leans Democratic, by 18 points, with 71% net favorability compared to 53% among Republicans.

The methodology for Morning Consult's Most Polarizing Brands report, which is is based on 336,370 surveys conducted across the United States , is available here.