Amazon’s apparel investment paying off

More and more shoppers are turning to Amazon to buy clothing.

That’s according to a survey by CPC Strategy in which 52.1% of online shoppers said they bought clothing from Amazon in the last six months, while 46.7% cited a retailer’s website. Nearly 14% (13.9%) said eBay, and 10. 8% said search engines. (All respondents were screened with the question “Have you ever purchased clothing online?” and only those who responded “yes” participated.)

Other key takeaways from the “U.S. Apparel Shopping Trends Forecast: How Shoppers Will Browse and Buy Clothing in 2018” report include:

• 30.8% of shoppers who purchased apparel on Amazon cited fast/free shipping as the reason.

• 54.9% of respondents purchased "casual apparel" online.

• 25.6% of shoppers prefer to shop for apparel on their phone or tablet.

• 20% of shoppers value the ability to filter products on an apparel site.

“We knew that Amazon dominated most retail verticals. But when we saw the survey results, we were pretty surprised that over 50% of shoppers opted to buy their apparel on Amazon in the past six months,” said Rick Backus, CEO & co-founder of CPC Strategy. “That speaks volumes about the work Amazon has done to improve their apparel shopping experience, and it's a strong call to arms for apparel retailers and brands to take their e-commerce strategy to the next level."

Cowen & Co. estimate Amazon will sell $28 billion worth of clothing in 2018, and others have predicted that Amazon’s apparel sales could reach $85 billion by 2020, the report noted.

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