Columbia Sportswear implementing tokenization and encryption solution from Merchant Link, Equinox and Voltage Security

BY Staff Writer

New York City — In response to Columbia Sportswear Co.’s desire to reduce its PCI scope for its retail locations by minimizing or eliminating the need to store any payment data on its network environment, payment processing and security vendors, Equinox Payments Voltage Security, and Merchant Link have collaborated to create a reliable, cloud-based payment solution to protect sensitive point-of-sale payment data.

In a joint effort to meet Columbia’s challenge and push the envelope on payment data security, Equinox’s payment terminals were combined with Voltage SecureData Payments solutions and Merchant Link’s TransactionVault tokenization and Payment Gateway.

“Our customers have high expectations when it comes to the quality of our products and the security of the payment information they entrust us with,” said Susan Leafe, retail application manager, Columbia Sportswear Company. “Equinox Payments, Voltage Security and Merchant Link have come together to enable a comprehensive, reliable payment solution that significantly reduces information security risk for us and for our customers while providing the scalability and ease of maintenance we desired.”

The initial pilot programs were completed prior to the holiday shopping season. Implementation across Columbia Sportswear’s 54 U.S. retail locations is expected to be completed by April 2012.

By integrating the latest payment technologies and security into a single solution, Columbia Sportswear will not only be able to secure transactions today, but will also be able to adjust and scale the solution when future payment methods such as contactless, electronic wallets and EMV become more mainstream.


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