How many online sales are retailers losing?

BY Dan Berthiaume

Even as digital commerce keeps growing, retailers are losing a sizable amount of potential online business.

According to the new Checkout Conversion Index (CCI), retailers stand to lose as much as 36% of online sales due to frictions that remain from discovery through checkout, and could lose additional sales during payment processing.

The first CCI Index score is a 62, which means that in terms of converting shoppers to buyers, the average e-commerce site is performing only slightly better than average. Here are a few features that has identified as commonly found on the best e-commerce sites:

• The best sites deliver results in 134 seconds – just more than two minutes.
• Size doesn’t matter: the average Index ranking between small and large companies was relatively similar.
• 93% of the best sites provide trusted security logos when checking out to let their customers know financial data will be safeguarded.
• The automotive parts & accessories industry came in with the highest CCI Index score of 91.


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