Lush, London

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Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has opened its largest store in the world — a 9,500-sq.-ft. flagship on London’s busy Oxford Street. The three-story flagship is a veritable beauty wonderland, complete with an in-store spa. It’s also a delight for the senses, calling out at every step for customers to touch, feel, and smell the products.

Featuring rustic beams, chalk signs, pendant lights and concrete flooring, the flagship retains the brand’s signature rustic feel, but with industrial accents. Lush’s colorful products — all handmade from natural and fresh ingredients — are displayed, grocery-styled in many instances, in wooden crates and barrels. Signage is in keeping with the brand’s playful spirit. One large graphic invites customers to “Relax…Take a Bath.”

Reflecting the company’s environmental commitment, the new store uses only wood that has been reclaimed or certified by the U.K.’s Forest Stewardship Council. The LED lighting is energy efficient.

Lush, which manufacturers all its own products, developed over 200 news items for the flagship, including shampoos, styling creams, face masks, make up, gourmet soaps, shower gels, and tooth powders, and many are spotlighted on the ground floor.

Customers can try out products in the on-site Hair Lab, and also pose for a picture in the #selfie mirror.

A sign on the ground floor invites customers to “Calm Down” the steps towards the basement level, home to the Lush Spa and an interactive perfume gallery. A music station features a selection of artists signed to Lush’s two music labels. The country cottage-styled spa is debuting a new Lush treatment, “The Planets,” a three-hour indulgence that even includes a palm reading.

The top floor houses perhaps the brand’s best-know product line, its bath products, which includes the signature Lush bath bombs. Industrial-sized sinks are featured for trying our products. There’s also an events space, the Soapbox.