Nordstrom expands loyalty to be omnichannel


Nordstrom Inc. is known for providing the best customer experience, and is now applying that ethos to its customer loyalty program.

The department store retailer is expanding its Nordstrom Rewards loyalty program to allow members to earn benefits regardless of how they choose to pay for purchases across its store, outlet store or digital channels.

When customers pay without using a Nordstrom card, they can still earn one loyalty point for every dollar spent. Purchases made with Nordstrom credit, retail or debit cards will earn two points per dollar spent. Enrollment is available in store or online, and customers can identify themselves and track their loyalty activities with their mobile number, rather than a card or account number.

As even high-end brands are now available in mid-level or discount chains, as well as through online retail platforms, retailers like Nordstrom cannot rely upon exclusivity to bring in customers. Nordstrom does offer highly personalized and convenient customer service, including a legendarily generous return policy, but still needs to make customers feel valued. Opening up its loyalty program is one way to ensure regular customers keep coming back and also appeal to potential new shoppers.

"As customers' definition of service continues to evolve, we are focused on being responsive and delivering services and experiences that are important to them," said Erik Nordstrom, co-president, Nordstrom. "Our customers have asked us to make Nordstrom Rewards more flexible. They've told us they want to be able to earn points whether they use their Nordstrom card when they shop with us or pay in another way, and today we hope we've delivered on their request."


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