Plug and Play’s CEO Corner: Rich Wagner, Prevedere


Plug and Play helps bring together retailers and startups who offer specific technology and expertise that can relieve their pain points. In each issue of our Customer Disruption e-newsletter, we will provide you a brief Q&A with the CEO of a Plug and Play startup, explaining how their company assists retailers in succeeding in today’s disruptive customer environment.

This week’s inaugural CEO Corner features three questions with Rich Wagner, CEO of Prevedere.

What does your company do?
We help companies uncover external leading drivers of business performance to improve bottom line results.

How do retailers leverage your solution?
Retailers leverage our solution in three key ways:

1. Retailers leverage our data and analytics to improve sales and demand forecast across markets for their various products. This insight helps prevent product expiration, over stock and out of stock situations.

2. Prevedere helps companies forecast and plan better for key raw material and inventory purchases, saving millions by purchasing at the right times.

3. Our software helps companies identify the right global markets to enter or exit ahead of their competition.”

What is your background as CEO and/or what lead to the development of the company?
I spent 14 years implementing large ERP and business intelligence systems for Fortune 500 companies. I realized what was missing was a system that leverages external data for companies to better make key operational and strategic decisions and decided to build an application to meet this need.

Wagner can be reached at [email protected].


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