Report: Lowe’s visualizes success with younger consumers


As more members of the millennial generation reach the age where they start settling down and buying homes, Lowe’s wants to be sure it reaches them in a format they find relevant.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lowe’s is partnering with both Snapchat and Facebook to launch a social media campaign that relies on video to deliver the message that the home improvement retailer is there to serve new young homeowners. Working with the advertising agency BBDO (a division of Omnicom), Lowe’s has created a new series of Snapchat videos called “In-a-Snap.”

In-a-Snap features short interactive videos that allow consumers to follow along with home improvement projects and tap the screen to complete specific tasks, such as hammering a nail. Lowe’s is also releasing mobile videos on Facebook and Instagram that enable users to switch between two versions of live-action re-enactments of projects. The “Flipside” videos show one version going correctly and one running into trouble, and link back to the retailer’s e-commerce site.

Lowe’s has previously launched social campaigns based on video, including a series of Vine videos launched in 2013 and also videos deployed on Instagram in 2014. However, its latest video-based social promotions are another sign the retailer is seriously targeting a younger, tech-savvy demographic with leading-edge interactive technology.

The retailer, which operates a proprietary innovation lab, is partnering with Microsoft to let shoppers use Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headsets to view 3-D representations of kitchen remodel design elements in store showrooms. In January, the company announced it was developing an app for the new Project Tango virtual reality (VR) mobile platform.

And in October 2015, Lowe’s released an upgraded version of its Holoroom VR design and visualization tool that leverages Oculus Rift optic technology in stores and Google Cardboard viewers that consumers can take home.

Lowe’s may not have the most hip brand image, but clearly is trying to change its reputation while also giving customers a better view of how their projects will proceed and look when completed.


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