Survey: Consumers want Black Friday apps

BY Dan Berthiaume

New York –- There is a high demand among consumers for mobile apps that would make the Black Friday shopping experience easier. According to data from Verizon, 80% of consumers say knowing where to get the best Black Friday deals would make their experience easier.

Another 78% say that they would benefit from knowing which stores have the shortest lines, and 79% say they would like to know how many of the hottest deals are left at each store. About six in 10 (59%) have used a smartphone to make Black Friday shopping easier.

Looking at preferences for shopping on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday, more consumers (40%) say they plan to shop on Cyber Monday than Black Friday (36%). Compared to other age groups, Millennials (ages 18-34) are the biggest Cyber Monday shoppers (42%). However, Millennials prefer Black Friday (44%) slightly more than Cyber Monday (42%). Those between 35 and 54 prefer Cyber Monday (41%) significantly more than Black Friday (33%).

Verizon also measured some regional differences in Black Friday shopping habits:

People in the West (39%) are most likely to go shopping on Cyber Monday compared to other regions (33% Northeast, 36% South, 36% Midwest).

Those in the West (67%) are significantly more likely to use their smartphones for Black Friday shopping help compared to other regions while nearly half of all Midwesterners (45%) and Northeasterners (44%) do not use them.


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