Survey: Most sites not ready for global commerce

BY Dan Berthiaume

New York – A majority of business websites are not ready for prime time, at least when it comes to global commerce.

According to a new survey from multilingual search agency Oban Digital, while 67% of business executive respondents say that internationalization is a key part of their growth strategy, only 20% of businesses have all of their current online communications adapted for local culture or language, a key driver of sales success.

Forty-one percent of respondents said that at least some of their communications are customized for international consumption and yet almost 30% of businesses recognize that they simply “did not do enough of it,” when it comes to internationalizing their business communications.

Other findings of interest from the study:

• The three most common barriers to internationalization are cost, the additional overhead added to the communications process, and the business having other priorities.

• Only 11% of businesses see internationalization as being too risky or complicated, or something they don’t need.

• Translation and localization services are the most in-demand internationalization requirement.

• The responsibility for internationalization sits firmly in the corporate headquarters, with 46% of companies locating it entirely in their corporate HQ, and 33% having some regional representation.


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